How to paint

Products needed if rolling 

* dust mask, Under coat, foam roller, tin foil ( for Palett) Hooks to hang whilst drying

Products needed for Spraying

* Dust Mask , Under Coat, Well Ventilated area, Gloves, Hooks to hang while spraying and drying

* It is important to undercoat first with a really good under coat, this will stop  the top coat  soaking in, once you have undercoated you can choose water based or oil based paint flat semi or gloss which ever you like, ( we recommend zinsser cover stain

*  use a 400 grit between each coat, giving the edges more attention

* if you are going to use spray cans, follow the instructions on the can, they know their product and it is imperative that you do the time frames that they recommend between the coats.

* 2-3 coats are better than 1 thick one that can run. If you feel you are not confident enough for spray cans buy a small roller and use sample tins available from Bunnings, use a brush for the edges if it is easier

We use hooks to hang the sign for easy painting to get into all the nooks and crannys be sure that you securely hang it using the loop in the letters so as not to drop the sign, Spray  the edges Lightly one way then turn upside down and spray edges the other way then coat front and back let dry as per instructions