What a wonderful centrepiece for your special day.

These signs stand at 15 cm,20 cm and 25 cm high. The length will vary depending on the amount of letters in the names.

They are made from 18 mm thick MDF and come already lightly sanded and ready for painting or decoration however you choose.

You can purchase either two names and one motif made in either 1 or 3 pieces and the cost is the same to you.

If ordering the 25 cm or  height or if you choose ELEGANT, TRADITIONAL OR EDWARDIAN fonts they will automatically come in 3 separate pieces.

Also please be aware that If the letters combined are over 12 letters including the motif your sign will automatically be made into 3 pieces,

 Due to the design of these signs, some letters like the g j p q y f need to be modified to allow the letters to stand on the base line rather than hanging.

Please see examples in photos the solid double heart motif and the open double heart motif are for 3 pieces only  as they are too big for 1 piece.

* any painted signs are photos from customers ( painting is not included )

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