We  has been making cookies for over 3 years ,so we know what cookiers like when it comes to design, and ease, introducing our awesome  range of cookie DEmbossers. which create a 3D effect unlike the embossers which create a groove in the fondant.  

Our DEmbossers are made from food safe Acrylic
the stamps are made 90x 90 mm so the stamp doesn't interfere with the cutters around 60mm 

Wash stamp before use and let it dry totally 
* see photos above for help 
* roll your fondant out to approx 3 mm 
* if the fondant is to sticky or wet it will stick to the stamp,  use corn flour on the fondant to help dry it out, 
*These stamps do require a little more force than our 3D printed stamp embossers, 
*We recommend using the roller over the back of the  stamp for more pressure, 
*or use the palm of your hand, the more pressure the better finish 
*Or place the fondant on top of the stamp and then roll it to 3 mm thick, this is my preferred way, you get a bolder print 

 a few practice runs will help you work out the best pressure. 

*All designs are Copyright protected and can not be copied.
Colours may vary 

9cm x 9cm 

print size : varies
is approx maximum 6cm 

need a different size email us for a quote

postage does not come with tracking, if you require tracking select our express post option.
 Items lost in post are not refunded or replaced by all about cookies n cakes ,once they leave our premises they are no longer our responsibility, if you would like to insure the item please let us know and we can add that to the charges, no insurance no replacement...........

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