Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your Christmas Hours ?

last orders for Christmas will be taken Dec 1st at 4pm any orders after this time will not be looked at till we return after our Christmas break Jan 16th, during our Christmas break we are moving into new premises and will no longer be accepting pick ups, all orders will need to be shipped out as of December 1st as we will not have any where to collect from. thank you

Q. How can I make a changes or cancel my order ?

Changes to the contents can be made by you at any point whilst placing your order. Once you have confirmed your order and made payment, we regret to advise that no changes can be made to the contents of the order. If you have selected the incorrect products, please review our returns procedures. Once the order has been completed, there is a limited opportunity to cancel the order with us. If you wish to do this, please call Customer Service immediately. Please note, even at this time we are unable to guarantee successful cancellation of the order and advise that you please check your order carefully before you confirm
Q. Do these signs come Painted ? 

No they come raw unpainted so you can have the fun of doing it your self and save on labour charges we do offer a small variety of painted signs here, or we also have a new product in  white only for other signs

Q. How long are the wedding signs?

The joined signs eg Sheldon&Mary are maximum length is 90cm for 20cm high
separate signs eg. Chelsea &  Matthew  will vary due to the individual names length of the name but average length is 70cm each shorter for less letters. elegant and traditional can be as long as 100 cm,

Q. My child's name is hyphenated how do I order this

The price for all items is for one word only, if your child has a name like Kate Lea this is classed as 2 pop 2 in the quantity box, because they are not joined, if your child has a name,  Kate-lea joined that comes under one word, and is still under the 0-7 letters,  

2 capitals letters means 2 Words/names joined or separate.

Q. How come our names are too long to have joined?

The joined signs are a maximum length of 90cm, and 12 letters including the symbol,  if your sign is over this they will automatically be made into 3 separate  pieces, as they become too fragile to post, 

Q. I haven't received my order yet ?

Most of our orders take a minimum of  7-10  business days ( off Peak times ) 10-15 business days (Peak times august - December  ) to be made once your payment has been cleared so bank deposit will delay this process by up to 5 days, paypal payments  can be instant,except for e-cheque, then when it is ready to be shipped you will receive a generic email saying your order has  either been shipped or ready to be collected please check your spam if you haven't received any confirmation emails , you will also receive an email from either Fastway or Aust post (  check your spam)  with a tracking number for your item, please track your item before contacting us, if then you have done all of the above then please  contacts us 

Q. How long will my order take ?

Please go to this link, to find out shipping times or for manufacturing it is  7- 10 business days during Jan- August, and then 10-15 business days during August - Dec 

Q. Can you do urgent orders ?

Yes we can do urgent orders  an additional charge will apply. this also does not include the postage time or the cost ,   we need to asses each situation and during busier times .No Urgent orders will be processed Nov - Dec,   Please email us first before you put your order in. If you would like your signs sent express post we can also do this but there is also an additional charge for this service. starting at 15.00

Q. What fonts do you have ?

we have lots of fonts to choose from, but  not all fonts are available for Wooden signs, if you would like to see what you name would look like in

a particular font please click here 

Q. Do you have a shop ?

No. we only have a show room which we allow pick ups during certain hours only , all orders must be completed online only, we do not have the ability to take orders at the factory. 

 Q. Why do the y's and g's, p's etc  look different on the free standing signs 

We need to raise the letters with tails to let them stand on their own, so letters like ygpqz are bought up to meet the other letters please see the examples in the photos, this doesn't apply to hanging signs they remain the same 

Q. What is the difference between Personalised and Custom ?

All of our items are personalised with your name , we just need to change the template to a different name,  Where as custom design  is made from scratch with either your drawing or idea it is not something we already have on our website , or have a template set up for, we work with you to get the design you require, one on one with the graphic designer. 

Q. What does it mean when you say 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm is that the length?

No it means the height, of the first capital,and all letters that have tails o All  signs are made with a capital letter at the beginning, and the capitals are what determines the size, so if you want a sign that is 20cm then the rest of the letters are to scale eg 20cm for the caps and approx 10-15 cm for lower case,so if you order all lower case 20cm they will be approx 10-15cm only.   The lengths vary with the length of the name and the fonts, fonts such as traditional and elegant can be very long so consider this when ordering 30cm signs, NB . if you order all lower case it will still be determined by the capitol. 

QQ I seem to have trouble placing  my order.?

Please contact us  on our Contact Page or email us

Q. How do the Wedding names stand ?

All our free standing signs are made from 18mm thick MDF, being this  thick enables  them to stand on there own  without any stands, but if knocked they may topple over or in a windy situation

Q. Do you ship overseas.?

No we only ship to Australia, due to the cost of shipping out of Australia

Q. Can I insure my item for loss or damage 

All our items are insured with the courier company, if you open the box and before you unwrap the item you can see it is broken please take a photo of the box and the sign preferably unwrapped, and send this along with an email, 

Cake toppers : if the plastic film has been removed your refund will be void, we need to see the cake topper in its original packaging not opened, ( remove the bubble wrap but not the packing film ) send us a clear photo of the front and the back of the package please