Choose from our Extra EXTRA  Large signs suitable for hanging and great for floral walls and backdrops. 

These signs come in raw MDF or in a solid white or black PVC foam material. 

Our white and black signs are suitable for out door use as they are fire retardant and waterproof. 

Please note that the height you choose is the height of the first capital letter and your sign may be a lot taller if it has a letter that hangs down. *** remember to type the words exactly as you require it as we copy and paste ***

Cant find the font you want in the drop down Menu, No Problem ,  just select other and write in the additional notes  the name of the font you do want.

does not include any hoops they are done by the customer 


EG Please note Twenty one  is 2 words and priced as such. You will need to change the quantity box to 2 


NB please change the quantity box to reflect the amount of words

eg :

All of our signs have a maximum length and are compressed to these maximum lengths

Why do we do this ? Because they become to fragile if we keep them at there original one piece and to hard to ship

Our maximum length for one our normal signs are :

30cm High  max length 75cm

40cm High max length 80cm 

50cm High max length 90cm 

60cm High max length 90cm

But in this listing we can keep the words at their original size with out compressing ( varies with length of words)

30cm High  max length 90cm  1 Piece

40cm High max length 120cm 2 pieces

50cm High max length 150cm 2 pieces

60cm High max length 180 cm 2 pieces 

the examples below in red are the normal compressed length for the Height, where as in this listing you can have them as the extended length, without the compressed look, we will cut the words or name into 2 separate pieces but you can hang it as one piece, by placing them together on the wall