Huge Wooden letters or Numbers unpainted. 

These Letters or Numbers come in  80 cm 100 cm height and are cut in 18 mm thick raw MDF. these letters may have the bottoms flattened to help make them stand with the feet 

They will not stay standing by themselves so they come with two "feet" to sit them in to help them stand. some letters will have the bottoms flattened to help them stand along with the feet. you can opt not to have the bottom flattened if you prefer let us know in the comments 



Ariel and Lily  has letters that will not stand on there own with out help for eg, P and I in these circumstances we may place an additional bar under the letter to assist and will def need the feet 

Only certain fonts available as most scripted fonts are not suitable to sit in the feet which can help them stand. 

NB numbers are per piece eg 2 1 is x 2 , 30 x 2 they do not come joined they are separate pieces

please change the quantity box to reflect the amount of Letters numbers etc  example below

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