Our Extra Large signs are perfect for hanging on floral walls or simple backdrops for any special occasions.

These signs are made from9 mm  thick raw MDF starting from 30 cm They come lightly sanded and are easily painted or left raw depending on your choice of stylelack or white PVC aerated foam which is extremely durable, fire retardant, and waterproof, can be hung indoors or outdoors  

 Please note that the height you choose is the height of the first capital letter and your sign may be a lot taller if it has a letter that hangs down for example   y,p,j. 

These signs come as a set made up of two names and a motif eg & or heart

Maximum amount of letters per name is 9. per name 

If you require it to be no longer than a specific length please write this information in the additional notes.  

sizes are approx 

Approx sizing is for one word or Name 

30cm High  max length 75cm

40cm High max length 80cm 

50cm High max length 90cm 

for longer lengths, email us for a quote 

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