Individual letters Made from 18mm thick MDF

These letters are made to free stand. 

( if you do not want the Bottom flattened please leave a comment on your order )

To free stand some of these letters may require a bit of adjusting on our behalf , for example the C S J G O we just shave a bit of the bottom to flatten or added a little bar at the bottom of these letters giving them a flat base assisting them to free stand. or may may do both and also add some feet, 

remember if you need more than 1 letter please change the qty box below 

eg. 21 is x 2 



Ariel and Lily  has letters that will not stand on there own with out help for eg, P and I in these circumstances we may place an additional bar under the letter to assist and will def need the feet 

this is not for continuous outdoor use ok  for 1 day function


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