*Hoops not included 

No painting required, add to canvas', memory boxes' photo frames. treasure chest, wishing wells etc Walls or doors

Maximum letters per word is 9,


EG:  Names like Name( Hyphen)Name are charged as your 2 pieces, you may want to consider dropping  the Hyphen or pay for the  additional words

some eg 

Name's 21st ,1st , 16th etc

Name's Birthday

Name Is Age ( max 3 words )

Name Turns Age 

You cannot have Happy Birthday Alex for eg etc 

These will not  stand, they are .just for hanging and do not include hoops

 What does that mean? It means all the letters are left as you would type them with the tails left below the base line 

eg : y g h y etc are all hanging and will not stand on a table or shelf.

Cant find the font in the drop down menu, thats ok, just select other font and write the font you do want in the comments box 

Approx sizing is 

15 cm Maximum Length is 50 cm per piece 

20 cm Maximum Length is 60 cm per piece 

30 cm Maximum Length is 70 cm per piece 

 MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LETTERS for 1 joined piece is 9

does not include any hoops they are done by the customer 

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Some fonts are quiet big. You can see below that we have condense these signs to a certain length so they are easy for you  to handle and ship.

As you can see the top example is how the original way the font would look at 50cm or 40cm  in height.

We then condense it too our maximum length for these sizes, which is 90cm for the 50cm high and 80cm for the 40cm high sign.

This does impact the look of  the font  so if you would like the sign left as it originally looks and as long as possible we do have a listing that can help you.

Please click here to order signs which will not be condensed. They will be made into separate sections which so they can be shipped easily and not too fragile for you to paint or hang. These signs will have a greater impact on the larger floral walls or  backdrops.