No painting required, add to canvas', memory boxes' photo frames. treasure chest, wishing wells etc

Maximum letters per word is 9 LETTERS 


EG:  Names like Emma Rose are charged as 2 words as they have 2 capitals, words like Happy Birthday or Baby shower are also classed as 2 words  place 2 in the quantity box, or  Kelsie turns two  is 3 words

These will not  stand.

 What does that mean? It means all the letters are left as you would type them with the tails left below the base line 

eg : y g h y etc are all hanging and will not stand on a table or shelf.

Cant find the font in the drop down menu, thats ok, just select other font and write the font you do want in the comments box 

Approx sizing is 

3cm,  maximum length is 8-cm 

5cm maximum Length is 12 cm

10cm Maximum Length is  25cm

15cm Maximum Length is 50cm

20cm Maximum Length is 60cm

 MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LETTERS for 1 joined piece is 9 LETTERS

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