These signs are all for hanging, not standing.

 What does that mean? It means all the letters are left as you would type them with the tails left below the base line 

eg : y g h y etc are all hanging and will not stand on a table or shelf.

Price is Per word eg Ebony Rose is x 2 words And Ebony-Rose, or  Evie's 21st  is also 2 words even if they are joined 

Cant find the font in the drop down menu,  that's ok just just select other font and in the comments box write the font name you do want 

Height is determined by the capitol letter

Approx. sizing is 

15cm Maximum Length is 50cm

20cm Maximum Length is 60cm  

25cm Maximum length is 65cm

MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF LETTERS for 1 joined piece is 9

These signs are made from raw MDF and do not come painted!!

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All of our signs have a maximum length 

Why do we do this ? Because they become to fragile  if we keep them at there original length of some of the fonts.

Our maximum length based on the height of the capital letters are :

15cm High Max Length 50cm 

20 cm Maximum Length  60 cm

30cm High  max length 70 cm

40cm High max length 80cm 

50cm High max length 90cm 

We can keep each word at the longer  length by cutting them into 2 or 3 separate pieces at an additional; charge which we can quote you for  and what I mean by that is  

eg Sienna at 50 cm high will be condensed in length to 90cm but the actually correct length is 124.95 cm ( too long for us to post and very fragile ) so what we would do is cut the S as one piece and the ienna in another ,  AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE RED EXAMPLE 

other wise your sign comes like the black example