Letters are priced per letter in the format of 1 capital and the rest lower case or ALL CAPITAL.

Whatever you write and how you write it is how we will cut it eg Grace or GRACE

They are sized by the first capital for eg Chelsea 15 cm means C is 15 cm and the rest of the letters are to scale depending on the font,  that can vary in size but roughly around 10-12 cm.

You can also order numbers here and they are priced the same as a letter.

These letters are suitable for hanging or not free standing !

Don't forget to add the quantity of letters required in the quantity box the total quantity of letters required!!! 

Height starts at 3 cm and goes up to 25 cm.

All 3mm thick and some of the smaller heights in 6,mm   letters are done with the laser starting at as small as 3cm high the rest of the larger letters starting at 15cm x  6mm are cut with a CNC router , what does this mean they will have burnt edges, 

For larger letters please follow this link

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