These signs are available in 18 mm thick Raw MDF only.

Please take note that for free standing we do need to raise the letters with tails ypjqg to the base line.

Any signs with 2 capitals is counted as 2 signs so please put 2 in the quantity box even if they are joined. This includes hyphenated names.

Maximum letters per name/word is 9 letters

Some fonts are not available in smaller sizes, these includes Edwardian, elegant and Victorian.

Price includes 1 capital and the rest lower case.

If you do require 2 names simply Place 2 in the quantity box and the names in the text box.

Don't forget to check out the fonts in the font preview box 

Approx sizing is:

15 cm Maximum Length is 50 cm

20 cm Maximum Length is 60 cm  

25 cm Maximum Length is 65 cm

30 cm Maximum Length is 70 cm

40 cm Maximum Length is 80 cm

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All of our signs have a maximum length and are compressed to these maximum lengths

Why do we do this ? Because they become to fragile if we keep them at there original one piece and to hard to ship

Our maximum length for one our normal signs are :

30cm High  max length 75cm

40cm High max length 80cm 

50cm High max length 90cm 

60cm High max length 90cm

But in this listing we can keep the words at their original size with out compressing ( varies with length of words)

30cm High  max length 90cm  1 Piece

40cm High max length 120cm 2 pieces

50cm High max length 150cm 2 pieces

60cm High max length 180 cm 2 pieces 

the examples below in red are the normal compressed length for the Height, where as in this listing you can have them as the extended length, without the compressed look, we will cut the words or name into 2 separate pieces but you can hang it as one piece, by placing them together on the wall